Cruise renovation


3 days til the start of the new season, what should we do!?!!

Every year Victoria Star Cruises takes July to complete major restorative projects to ensure the old Lady Class Ferry remains in top quality. The bitterly cold Melbourne winter is the perfect time to do so, but at what cost!

This year was no different. The engine room has been torn apart, the bulwarks have been replaced, the male toilets have had a mini make over and let’s not even start on the wooden paneling!

Of course, this is nothing new aboard The Victoria Star and nothing new for skipper Leigh Doeg!
He loves giving his old lady a make over. After 19 years in service, Victoria is looking as fresh and sparkly as ever.
No botox here, just some new paint, varnish and a good scrubbing.

All of these efforts have culminated in some fantastic work, but now for the dreaded clean-up.

Keep calm, get cleaning and carry on I say.

TOP TO BOTTOM – 1) Leigh at work in the Male Bathroom 2) ooooo I can see my reflection 3) the clean up, *gulp*!

Victoria Star Cruises

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