A New Life

A New Life


Lady McKell arrived in Melbourne on route from Sydney, on Friday 28 August 1998. Over the next 15 months, she was dramatically transformed from a bedraggled utilitarian commuter ferry into a luxury hospitality cruise ship. Designed for entertaining in superb style.

The ships rebuild involved dry docking for hull repairs. Removal of the aft wheelhouse and the complete guttering of the passenger saloons. Once rusted superstructure and decks were renewed a modern well-equipped galley and bar were installed. All new modern amenities were fitted during the refurbishment. Traditional rich timber paneling complimented by plush red
carpets and polished brass dictated the ship’s image and position in the marketplace.

Befitting her new identity the transformed vessel was renamed Victoria Star and entered Melbourne service on Friday, 3rd December 1999. Today she entertains over 20,000 guests annually.

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